A bit of before & after

It’s been a funny old week, so this isn’t going to be the lyrical essay I imagined, rather a hastily scratched update before I head over to the house to start the big clean with my Mum, who’s arriving like the cavalry from Somerset with her dogs and steam cleaner in tow. With two weeks between picking up the keys and moving in we thought we’d given ourselves time to start to get things straight, but although the list on the fridge is slowly accumulating ticks I’m beginning to realise that straight is not going to be our friend again for a very long time.

I’d like to tell you all about the neighbours who have stopped to chat as we’ve cleared the way to the front door, telling us that the shrubs overwhelming the pavement and the door are winter flowering Box that perfume the lynch in December, that the house wasn’t the village bakery, it was the brick works, that the well in the courtyard isn’t a well, but a brick oven, that they didn’t realise the elderly gentleman that lived here before was a composer, but that it’s nice to see people about the house again and goodness, haven’t we got a lot of work to do? I’d like to tell you about the boiler not working, the woodworm dust, the way the house is cold and damp and smells like a church each time you open the door. I’d like to tell you about the leaking loo, the electrics in the kitchen shorting every time you flick a switch, the price hike in chimney sweeping since we were last in charge of a chimney, but instead I’ll show you some before and afters of the work we’ve done to clear the way for the removers next week and promise to be back with some stories (and photos of inside) next time…

The back door

2 thoughts on “A bit of before & after

  1. It’s going to be wonderful following the journey you’ve embarked on, and thank you for sharing it with us all with your beautifully evocative, and honest, writing. Watching the surprises your garden reveals each season, and helping this beautiful house of yours breathe again will lead to a degree of ‘straightness’ that will make it your lovely ‘home’. Loads of love both xxx


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